Spend your summer researching some of the world’s most pressing thermal energy challenges

Program Dates: June 1–Aug. 6, 2021

The ability to control temperature and the transfer of thermal energy (thermal management) is critical to addressing clean and renewable energy production; inexpensive, efficient and reliable transportation; and ever-increasing data storage and processing demands. This REU site will advance the current understanding of fundamental heat and mass transfer, while translating discoveries to applied technologies for thermal management at the nano-/microscale, component, and system scales. Students will study research topics involving heat and power, ranging from novel battery technologies, to enhanced cooling of micro-electronics and power electronics, to radiation in carbon capture processes. This will expose students to a range of engineering challenges, research methodologies, and careers that address the ever-expanding need for thermal-fluids engineers. The program is interdisciplinary, studying thermal management topics from mechanical and chemical engineering perspectives. Students from mathematics and the physical sciences, as well as engineering, are welcome to apply. No prior research experience is necessary.

Download the 2021 REU Thermal Brochure